Monday, April 18, 2011

Surgery Again

I went to the dermatologist on Thursday, thinking it would be a small deal. Wrong! After about 4 hours and 30+ stitches I went home.  Two, not so small, spots removed on my head and left ear.  I guess that 30 or so years driving will take its toll on the left side of your (my) skin.  I always try to ware a hat, but that is kind of like closing the gate after the cows are gone.  The poperotzy, (paparazzi),(wife) was there and took pictures, but I will spare the readers. I attended the memorial of Christs Death last evening and didn't scare anyone away.  We had in attendance about 250. Our usual attendance is about 110. Nice to see so many visitors.  I will attach pictures of the fish in the barrelponics experiment.  The water is clearing a little more each day, and the plants are still growing.


  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery. I've been lucky so far, but figure it will bite me eventually.

  2. Tff, Get a hat you like and wear it. The Mexicans with the sombreros are smart. Don't try to continue to be a fashion statement out there on the desert:)

  3. I am going to give tffn a hat on Saturday. Hope your healing well and let's go fishing!