Monday, November 29, 2010


We started Thursday off putting down the Hardy-Board underlayment. I just glued it down with thin set, right over the old tile. I ended up 2 pieces short, with nothing open on the Holiday. I finished up with the underlayment on Friday and started laying tile. We got the dinning area laid by Friday evening. Saturday we went to the Kingdom Hall in the morning, and continued with laying tile Saturday afternoon. We got the kitchen area and pantry, with the exception of the area under the refrigerator, laid. Sunday we completed the tile and most of the grouting done. We had the refrigerator pulled out and grouted behind it. We now only have the area in the kitchen by the sink and stove left to grout . I will have to get new thresholds, and shoe board and we will be finished. On Saturday evening, Jerry Bragg passed away peacefully at his home with his family by his side.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Floor Tile

I bought the tile for the kitchen and breakfast nook after work. It is still in the back of my PU. I will try to get as much done as possible over the 4 day weekend. We will see!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steve's Remady

I talked to my brother on the phone a little while ago. I guess he will get to retire before me. Darn! He thinks it will be in June. I will probably go till July. See my July 7th post. This post is of Steve when we were in Colorado in July.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Chain Saw Sold

I put my old Chain Saw on Craig's list, a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get any calls for over 2 weeks. Then on Tuesday, on my way home I got a call from a guy that lives in Mount Pleasant. He asked if I still had it. I said yes and he asked if it ran, and it does. He said he wanted to come and get it, and he did. DONE!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Expired Plates

Last week I got a call from Alex. She was in the car with some friends when a policeman pulled her over. He told her that the registration on the car was expired. He took her license and went back to his car. That is when she called me. I had recently got an inspection on my truck and put on a new sticker. My truck expired in September. I didn't think to look at her car, or maybe she wasn't there when the thought passed by. Anyway the pictures tell the rest of the story. She asked me to go to court with her on December 10, 2010. Since it was my responsibility, I will. It cost $25 for the inspection and $28 for the registration, we will see what local financial support I will be making. When I got home I asked Shiloh if she had been told that she was a criminal. I got no laughs from my girls.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Worked on the yard this last weekend. I wanted to start on the floor, but Alex thought we should over seed and fertilize before the weather got cold. She is right, so that is what we did. 10 bags of lime, 10 bags of 10-10-10 and 75 lbs of grass seed. I was a little stiff on Monday. Hope we get some rain now.