Monday, April 25, 2011

Back in Operation

I ended up using a piece of cardboard with a piece of sheet metal taped to it to shove into the clay balls for the gluing of the outer sleeve of the bell siphon.  I just unplugged the pump and drained the water, shoved the cardboard, with sheet metal taped to it for strength, down into the clay balls and dug the balls out.  I then dried the bottom of the bed and used silicone to glue the sleeve down.  I let it dry for a few hours and poured the clay balls back in and removed the cardboard.


  1. Sounds good and hope it solves all the problems. Nick brought me back an big bag of potting soil from Alpine the other day so when I get the chance I'm going to start growing tomatoes and jalapeños again. I may try the exotic farming later on.

  2. I love silicone 100%..I use it for everything!