Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend in Asheville NC

On Friday when I got home there was a message on the recorder from a friend that moved to Tennessee in 2003 from Colorado. That was the last time that we had seen each other. Lanny said that they had a travel trailer and were spending a few days in Asheville. He offered to drive to Charlotte and so we could see each other. Lanny is a retired Sheriff's Deputy, and we have been friends since about 1974, when he moved to Denver from Indiana. He was not aware that we had a RV.  So I asked what RV Park he was in and we could meet them there. They were in Wilson's Riverfront RV Park just off I-26, very near downtown Asheville. I called the park on Friday and they said to just pick out a spot and then go to the office and pay. When we arrived, the office was closed on the weekends and they had envelopes to put your park fee in. It was a Passport America park and the fee was $15 for members and $30 for non-members. We are not members. It worked out great, and we went into the downtown area and found several good places to eat. We had a very good time, talking about old times and enjoying ourselves. The RV Park was very nice, but it is close to the highway and there was some traffic noise. It also is a little tough to get into, because you have to turn around just after you exit the highway and go back the opposite direction on the service road. That was not a problem with my RV, but it might be a little tricky with a large 5th wheel, if you are not very experienced. I parked on the side that the highway was on and Lanny was parked on the river side, with the river just a few feet from the back of their site. Here are a couple of pictures that tell it all. Thanks for stopping by and be Safe.

Chillin with Old friends