Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Becky's Baptism

Becky is 4th row with a braid and black dress

My youngest daughter got baptised on June 11, 2011, in Loveland Colorado. I flew to Colorado for that event in Alex stayed home. Becky lives with my ex, and I stayed with my oldest son Louis Jr.  Louis and I went to my property in Southern Colorado on Friday and when I opened the door, there was a rattlesnake guarding the door.  The fact that we wanted to get past without any issues, was to his demise.  The picture is just after we removed his head with a .22.  I found that the outside hydrant was not working and that the water came through an overflow.  I will have to repair or replace it the next time I go.  On the road leaving I took a picture of a few Pronghorn that were grazing what was available.  It has been very dry in the southern part of the state. Part of the southwestern drought I guess.   In Loveland, about 200 miles north it was very green.  Brahm and Daggs took me to a special event that was at Centennial Airport, where they were displaying a B-17 bomber.  They had a dance, served spam sandwiches, wine and beer. People were dressed in 40's attire, and it was great fun.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Firefly Sweet Tea 
Alex and Shiloh in the courtyard of the Indigo

Me taking a picture of Brahm taking a picture of me.

Charleston buggy tour

Tea Garden tour

Cutting tea

Original Growth Live Oak

Alex and her oldest son, Brahm

Differant old mature Live Oak
We also spent a couple of days in Charleston, SC.  We stayed at the Indigo Inn. They allow dogs.  Great court yard with wine and cheese from 5-6:30pm every day.  We definitely took advantage of that. We went to The Charleston Tea Garden and then to the Firefly distillery.  They buy tea from the Tea Garden and make great Ice Tea Vodkas. We ended up bringing back 8 bottles.

Coca-Cola 600 Pictures

Great Seats
B-1 Fly By



I don't know why it doubled the scenes on the last post, but here is some more still pictures. B-1, Brahm and Dagmar.

2011 Coca Cola 600

The kids flew in for the weekend with tickets to the Coca Cola 600. We tailgated and had a great time. Thanks Brahm and Dagmar!  At the beginning there was a Fly By of a B-1 bomber. The first one that I have actually seen.  I have no favorite driver, but the fans clearly favored Earnhardt Jr.  He was in the lead the last 10 or so laps, and on turn 4 of the last lap, with a 5 car lead, he ran out of fuel. Made for a great finish. He finished  about 8th. I guess I was secretly hopping for Kyle Bush. He got a speeding ticket a week or so ago in the Charlotte area for 128mph in a 45. It would have helped with his fine.

No Problems With Barrelponics

My barrelponics have been running trouble free for several weeks now.  I have added a couple of gallons of water to it, and I feed the fish every day (except for a couple of days we were in Charleston, SC). So I think that it proves to be the most effective and waterwise way to grow veggies.  I also think that you could make manure tea with cow, horse or other animal waste.  This tea could be soaked in water and the water pumped directly into a grow bed the same way.  This may not be as water wise as the fish. Perhaps that when the tea was diluted to a point that the it needed to be replaced, it would go to the landscape or regular garden as a soil builder.  Anyway it is something to think about.  I use these large tweesers to pick bugs off the plants. They are fish food suppliments.