Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Motorcycle Seat

A work colleague sent me this picture labeled Texas Motorcycle Seat. I love it, especially after the Supreme Court decision on Monday. I don't currently own a hand gun, but in the future I probably will. You can get snake shot for 45s. A single action revolver is the safest on horseback. You never know how your horse is going to react, and you only want to hear one bang. I'm all about gun safety. Oh, I don't own a motorcycle either! Too dangerous.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday, we put on a practice drill on the Light Rail line that simulated a terrorist attack. It is not a good idea for me to put any details in print, and published on the internet. However; it included the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Transit Administration(FTA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and local first responders. All went well. The idea was to identify any deficiencies, and we did. I don't like to have to work on Sundays, but this was important. I have been in the business a long time, and looking forward to moving to my land in Colorado. July 7, 2010 will complete 39 years in transit. Did I say, “I’m not working out”?
I have been learning a lot about self sustainability from all my friends in west Texas and other places around the country. I have not started to build my home on my land, but have made some plan changes from what I’ve learned. Welcome Frann, and thanks for the comments and smile.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rion Feb 14, 2000 to June 21, 2010

We returned home last Saturday from the convention to find that Rion had been lying in his bed on his blanked all day and had not gotten up. In the past few weeks he has had difficulty with his bladder. He had uren his stomach, where he had been lying. He had not drank any water all day. He was diabetic for about a year, and was not processing his food very well either. He was just bones. He usually had been drinking a bowl of water in the day and one at night. Clearly this was his worst day yet. After he was diagnosed with diabetes, we were giving him shots after his morning meal, Vetsulin. About 3 months ago, the company that makes Vetsulin discontinued making it. We had to switch to a more human type insulin. That is when he started downhill. His organs were slowly failing. He was having good days and bad.
So Sunday evening we had a pizza party, and took him to the vet on Monday morning. It brought both of us to tears. It has been a hard week. Our friends said to get another one ASAP. We just bought another puppy yesterday. We will not get her for about a week. She will be 6 weeks on July 3. At this point, it doesn't mean much. I thank Jehovah for 10 years with Rion.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 Convention

We went to the 2010 District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses this weekend. It is always very upbuilding and faith strengthening.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glenn W. Cripps

1920 to 1997

Just thinking about my Dad. He lived through the depression. When he was 12, he came home from school (8th grade), and there was a note nailed to the table. It read, "Moved to Montrose". Montrose, CO is about 350 miles from Denver, on US Hiway 50. It was written by his mother. She and her husband had left. My father and his brother, age 14, had just came home from their last day of school. They spent the winter of 1932 in Denver alone. He never talked about it. My mother told us about it after they were divorced. He would go to a tight curve in the Railroad track in Globeville. When the coal train would slow for the curve, he would jump on and throw lumps of coal off. To earn money, he would take his guitar up Curtis Street, where the old movie houses were, and play and sing during intermission. People would give his brother and him a few cents. Later in life, he took care of his mother, bought her a house and cared for her till she died. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, he and his brother both joined the Navy within a few days. This is his picture, when he was a sailor. I Cherish it. My mother moved to San Francisco to work and be on the west coast. I will post a picture of them both walking on the street in San Francisco

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Monday

I worked 11 hours today. I started at 7 and finished at a little after 6 this evening. I'm just not working out in this job. I went to Cary this weekend to volenteer at the Kingdom Hall build again. It was great, and it is comming along on schedule. I was there on the first weekend of the build and again this weekend. It was very hot and I used a lot of SPF 50. Here is the latest picture.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Biltmore on Monday

On Monday we took the family to Asheville, NC, to the Biltmore. We toured and did the wine tasting, then we drove a while on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It rained most of the day and we stopped and took some pictures at the sign that marked the divide of the east. The picture is of Brahm and Dagmar.