Thursday, April 21, 2011

Problem with Barrelponics

I have been having a small problem with the bell syphon.  The outside sleeve 3"PVC pipe that separates the bell from the grow medium (clay balls), should have been glued to the bottom.  The clay balls that range in size from pea size to 3/4" seem to work their way under the sleeve, and clog the drain pipe.  The smaller ones flow down to the fish tank and block the water intake of the pump.  I have been dinking with it, trying to solve this problem without drastic measures.  The drastic measure is to take out the plants, shut off the pump, scoop out the clay balls, and glue the sleeve down.  I'll do that tomorrow, because I do not have to work. The water in the fish tank is now very clean, and the fish are smiling. I'll fix them.


  1. No way to use screen wire to take care of the problem?

  2. Smiling Fish..reminded me of a Sheeps Head fish..scared me the first time I saw one.

  3. tffn, I have tried the screen. The sleeve seems to want to float up and the screen goes up with it. And when I put the screen over the drain pipe it doesn't want to stop the syphon action.

    Frann, I hate smiling fish, especially when I'm furstrated. I'm the superior being and don't you for get it.:)