Monday, April 11, 2011

Barrel Aquaponics complete

I have been working, inviting people to the memorial on April 17th.  This has been very enjoyable work, and a privilege to share in it.  I hope a few come to it.  It has been warm here and the pollen has been high, causing me a little sinus issues.  I have completed the barrel project on aquaponics.  I even bought a few talapia to put in it.  I planted a few vegetables and transplanted a few from what I have in the yard and a tomato plant that I bought. It seems a little strange to wash off all the potting soil from the roots of the plants and stick the bare roots into these round clay balls that are about a 1/2" in size. I'll post some pictures when I get home.


  1. Hi Lou, just reading your post and thought you might be interested in "The Field Lab" blog about a guy in TX buying acreage and living off the land. I think you're following my blog, 'Stillhowlyn', and he's listed under blogs I follow. Great Blog!

  2. Am really looking forward to the pictures..How did everything turn out at the airport?

  3. Stillhowlyn, Great to meet you and I will be watching your blog. Your RV life looks great. I do follow quite a few west Texas friends, including JW.

    Frann, She got in at about 11:40pm. She was scheduled to arrive at 6:10pm. They were on the tarmack at Greensboro for several hours. I was on my smart phone and it was too smart for me and I deleted that stuffffffff:) You must of seen part of it. Smart Phone, Dumb guy!