Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Break from the brakes.

Saturday, Alex told me that the brakes on the car were making noise. So I drove the car around and they seemed OK, but were making a little noise in the rear. I jacked it up and put stands under the back and took the wheel off the right side. When I pulled the drum off, pieces of broken springs fell out. The brake adjusting lever was bent and the piece that separates the shoes was also bent.  The drum was scratched and shoes were also chewed up. I went to the auto parts store and bought a brake hardware kit and shoes and a new drum. However; the separator piece was a dealer item. So, I went to the GMC dealer across the street and ordered the piece. I won't get it till Tuesday.  So, the car is on vacation till then.  We finished the day by going to our friend David and Carol's house for a fish fry. Very good time and a welcome break from the brakes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last night Steve Jobs laid down with his ancestors in death. Death is not natural, because man was created to live. He will stay their till the creator of all things says it is time to bring those sleeping in death back. I like a lot of people, learned of it on my iPhone. He has changed almost everyone’s way of life. Even his competitors try to imitate his vision. He will be missed, till he returns.

This last weekend Alex and I went on our first weekender in the Bus. We went to Myrtle Beach Travel Park, where I stumbled through figuring out all the different systems on the bus. Learning the gas, sewer, fresh water, the inverter and even how to operate the stereo.

Everything seems good, and here are some pictures that we took.