Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travel to Colorado

I have pretty much recovered from my eye surgery. I was not suppose to do anything that was a strain on my eyes, so I went took a few days off and rested. Then we decided to take a vacation and go for a ride in the RV. I got clearance from the ophthalmologist, and headed for Colorado. We broke the drive into 4 days going and 3 coming back. We stopped in Memphis and went through Graceland, sense we had never been there. I enjoyed it and think Alex did also. When we left Memphis, and got into Arkansas, we had a Stop Engine light come on. This is usually due to low oil pressure or a hot engine. We have gauges for these and the oil pressure was at a steady 60 psi, and the engine and transmission temperature were at about 180 degrees. I felt that it was a oil pressure sensor and that stopping and shutting off and re-starting the RV would clear it. It did, but only temporally. So we looked up and stopped at a Cummins dealer, and that delayed us about 4 hours. It was the sensor for the oil pressure and they replaced it and we were on our way with no further trouble the rest of the time. The folks at Cummings Little Rock, treated us as a priority, and the total cost was $11.90 for sensor and 19.00 for a wiring adaptor for the upgraded sensor, plus tax and 2 hours labor made the total at $284.00. I thought that was a bargain for a road breakdown. We had a great time and saw the kids and grandkids. Brahm, Louis and I went to the property and replaced a water hydrant that had corroded and then spent some time target practicing with their guns. We are now expecting puppys from Shiloh and Ruger. No explanation necessary.