Monday, August 29, 2011

Backyard Camping in the Bus

Yesterday, we went to Patrick's house, where he so graciously lets us keep our Bus (Motor Home), and grilled some lunch, drank a couple of beers and tried to get more acquainted with my Bus.  Richard and wife Dawn, live next door and are great friends, that let us plug to his 30 amp receptacle. We also need to stock his cooler back up.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor

Last weekend, Alex and I purchased a used motor home.  I think that we got a good deal on it. I have been looking for the past 6 months or so.  I don't know if we will sell our house or not.  If it doesn't sell by the end of the contract with the realtor, we will just try to rent it out.  The way the banking has went the last 3 or 4 years, the banks have no problem throwing families out of a $100K home, and turning around and selling it for $50K to someone else. But to the family that were thrown out, they wouldn't even talk about so much as lowering the interest rate or reducing the debt for them. Families have had to have 2 incomes to afford a home. If one were to loose their job, it's out the door they go.  That family now can't get a loan without perfect credit, and 20% down.  That is why renting is now at an all time high, and home sales are low, except foreclosures .  After witnessing this, I don't think I would want to finance a home from a bank again.  We hope to build as we go and live in the motor home.  Any way maybe we can find some one in need that will live there paying rent forever.  I will also attach a couple of pictures of the bus.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Living in a Realestate House

I haven't posted in a while, due to the fact that I have not done anything worth printing.  It is difficult to live in a house that is on the market. You must have it look like no one lives there.  You must leave at an hour’s notice.  I wipe the sink each time I turn on the water, and so forth.  I hope this doesn’t last long.  I think that if it doesn’t sell by the time the realtor commitment expires, we will try to rent it out. Although I don’t like the idea, it might be the only alternative.  We did go to Isle of Palms and Charleston this last weekend, and looked for a place to stay when Tammy comes to visit, next month. We love the old south feel in Charleston, and Isle of Palms has some beautiful beaches.  It is about 15 minutes from Charleston, so you can have both.   David, my youngest son called last night and we visited for about an hour.  David likes old cars and is trying to resurrect a 1950 Chevrolet.  It is a very cool car. It’s a 2 door fastback. He said that he is in the process of prepping it for paint. We will see how that goes.  Those cars use to be $100 dollar cars, but, I guess I’m telling my age. My first car was a 1953 Chevy Bellaire, that I paid a whapping $160.00 for in 1966. Two years later I was into muscle cars, and now I would prefer the “Stove Bolt’’ Chevy. They are comfortable, economical, and easy to work on and very reliable.  I better stop.  If I type 2 more lines, I will be looking for one myself. Thanks for dropping by, and take extra time today to work or play safely.