Monday, February 20, 2012

Paying taxes

We got our income tax return the other day, and after paying a few things that I usually wait for tax returns to pay, its gone. I was able to pay the property tax to North Carolina on the motor home. $535.00, and the tax on my Colorado property. That was another $430. Paid my Texas property tax of $29.00 and the HOA fee of $165. Go figure that one out. I also bought a 5 gallon bucket of oil and a filter for the motor home. And finely I think that we can now save a little up to take the Motor home to Colorado on vacation. We have tentatively set it up for May. I will fill the fuel tank up, now and hope the price doesn't reach $5.00 per gallon by then.  We are able to get 12 mpg on it and the distance is 1600 miles. That makes 3200 round trip. If we can get 12mpg that is 267 gallons of diesel fuel. At the current $4.00 per gallon we will pay $1068.  If we get around 10 mpg, and pay $5.00 we will pay $1600 on fuel.  So that is the best and worst case. We could fly out and save a little. I just checked fares, and it would cost us $1038 Plus tax.  $197 each way per person, and $125 each way for Shiloh. After all she weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs. Oh, when we get there, we will have to rent or borrow one of the kids cars for the running around. I haven't figured the toad thing out yet. A toad is a towed vehicle. I guess that I should post a picture just because. Here is a fountain at a friends house last week when we went over to meet for the field ministry. It was the first time that it got cold enough for a few hours to freeze their fountain. Yesterday, 2-19-12, they were saying that there was a few snow flakes in the rain in the north side of town, and that was the first snow of this season. If you ask me "It don't count". Then I guess no one is asking. 

Take care and be safe. I will fill in more details on the vacation as I know more.


  1. You already got your tax refund back and I have not even filed mine :(

    Just from the property tax and HOA fee, I gather you own land in Terlingua?

    As high as they are predicting gas prices to rise it was a wise move to fill up now.

  2. You're lucky - RMAn hates the RofR - says he's for ever taking our hard earned money LOL

    (Isn't it funny how the Receiver is always a male...!)

  3. Last year I had to pay in $930. That made the property tax difficult, so I went to my employer and had extra deducted. That worked out better this year.
    MsBelinda, I do have 10 acres in the Terlingua Ranch, although I have never seen it. I hope to spend some time there in the winter when we retire. When ever that comes:-)

  4. The fuel costs really cramp our style, but then we tend to stay longer to make the numbers work, and get to know our surroundings better!

    1. That's the ticket, "live more, drive less".