Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Chairs

Last Thursday I had my last skin treatment. I hope it holds off the skin cancer for a while. I stayed in for the weekend, and went back to work yesterday. On Friday when Alex went to Costco, she called and said that they had some chairs like we have been looking for. They are around $80 at Camping World. We talked and she bought 4. They were $49 and now we have that behind us. I took them to the Motorhome on Sunday and drove to get fuel. It was 1/2 full, and it took 52 gallons to fill up. That should get us about 1/3 of the fuel for our Colorado trip in May.  Here is a Pic of what we bought, and don't forget to be safe, both driving and living.


  1. Very relaxing! Looks like your gonna drive them in comfort in May :)

  2. I am glad to hear that you got your last skin treatment.

    That anti-gravity chair is a bargain at $49 and it looks like it is well built. I am looking for a heavy duty one myself as mine is well worn out. Do you need to be a member to shop at Costco?

    1. MsBelinda, Yes you do have to buy a membership card for Costco. It is $50 for the regular membership. We like it here because it is very close and the have gasoline at a few cents less than the lowest in a few miles. It is one of those places that sell in large quanity things and we think that for most things that we can store it is a good deal. They seem to only stock quality items, and you get a pretty good deal. For the two of us when we leave this area, it probably does not justify keeping it. We will see.