Thursday, January 26, 2012

James Island SC

We just returned from James Island SC, where we stayed in the Campground in the RV. Brahm was in Charlotte for some work related training, and he stayed over a couple of days. It is a very nice camping area with a lot of hiking and other activities to enjoy. They have full hookups, and easy access. We took a shuttle into Charleston and spent the day. We have been in Charleston quite a few times, and have never been to Fort Sumter. So that is what we did this time. We left on Monday and stopped off at Drayton Hall. We have been there before, but wanted to take Brahm. Here is a link to their web tour. It was built in 1738 and was never modernized. No indoor electrical or plumbing. I have added som pictures of the campsite, Ft Sumter, Drayton Hall, and Shiloh waiting for us on the dashboard of the RV.


  1. Brother lou, I didn't know you've got skin cancer? How is it going??

    1. I am doing fine after the treatments, thanks for your concern.

  2. Truly beautiful place. Though I must admit the tour video made me a little dizzy.