Friday, September 30, 2011

Registration for the Bus

Yesterday was a little stressful for me. To explain, I will start by saying that, like most things, we bring it on ourselves. When we went to financing our bus, we found a very low interest rate. That is the other side of not being able to sell our house. We got the loan in my wife and my name. Then I purchased insurance for it from Nationwide insurance. All was good so far. Then a friend told me about a company in Montana that will set you up with an LLC, and you can register your vehicles to your company, and just drive a company vehicle. The company that sets up your company, will go to the DMV and register all your vehicles and send you the plates. So, I ask, "Why"?

The State of Montana has no state sales tax, and any vehicle over 10 years old will be issued a permanent plate. The cost of this service is about a thousand dollars, and they provide a permanent address for your LLC business. After it is complete you pay a fee of about $150 per year for the permanent company address. You only need to file income tax, on an LLC if you make a profit.

My personal integrity, will not allow me to be dishonest in any way, which includes paying taxes. However; this is legal for those who do the necessary research and follow the law as written. We all know that the intent is to flees as much money from working people as possible. I have no problem with avoiding unnecessary taxes if it is done legally.

This brings me to why I paid North Carolina $1470.00 for the license plates on the bus, yesterday. I learned of the Montana laws after I got financed and purchased insurance in my wife and my name, and this would require us to refinance and buy insurance in Montana under the company name. All said, this is just food for thought, and may help someone else. My plates will expire on 9-30-2012, and will require a safety inspection to renew.


  1. That is interesting, had never heard of this either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lou, Just getting caught up on your blog. When we bought our MH in 2001 we financed and set-up the LLC with an attorney in Missoula, at the same time. No sales tax. We were and still are full-time RVers. A few years later we transferred our title/ownership to Texas as MT changed some of it's requirements, which would have required us to refinance. Since the coach was over 5 years old there was no sales there either. All legal.