Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last night Steve Jobs laid down with his ancestors in death. Death is not natural, because man was created to live. He will stay their till the creator of all things says it is time to bring those sleeping in death back. I like a lot of people, learned of it on my iPhone. He has changed almost everyone’s way of life. Even his competitors try to imitate his vision. He will be missed, till he returns.

This last weekend Alex and I went on our first weekender in the Bus. We went to Myrtle Beach Travel Park, where I stumbled through figuring out all the different systems on the bus. Learning the gas, sewer, fresh water, the inverter and even how to operate the stereo.

Everything seems good, and here are some pictures that we took.


  1. Your bus is beautiful. What a delightful vacation spot you guys picked.

  2. nephew has worked for Apple for a very long time...he has always said it is the BEST company to work for EVER! That speaks a lot for Stever Jobs. I have read a few of your past post...good luck on your are on the right track!..I know a lot of people use South Dakota for their rv place of residence for licensing might check it out. Looking forward to reading your future posts...

  3. Lou, there are only a handful of finance companies that will allow you to title your bus as a LLC, Montana or otherwise, and those that do usually charge a higher interest rate. Safe travels.