Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is just a quick update on the last couple of weeks. The purchase of the Bus, came quickly and as with everything poor timing. I have been looking for a good deal on a Class A motor home, for the last year or so. I found this great deal on a bank repo, and just couldn't let it pass. But, the timing was not great, as Brahm and Dagmar, has asked us to go to Puerto Vallarta, for a week with them to spend time on the beach. As you can imagine, with me being in rail-transit safety and security, we did a lot of security preparation for the prevention of a repeat attack of the 2001 attack. We flew home on Saturday, and I was at work on Sunday. We can be thankful that all was quiet around the country.

My daughter Tammy, Mont, and Malana, are coming to visit this weekend and part of next week, and we will be going to the beach again. I think we will go to Folly Beach in SC, just south of Charleston. I do not like Myrtle Beach, and it is only 40 or so miles closer. So for me, Charleston has great restaurants and the beaches are close, that’s my choice.

Sunday evening Forest and Erica came by and we went to dinner in their 64 GTO. -Perfect end to the weekend-


  1. I am very thrilled that the "potential" incident / threat turned out to be nothing.

    I cannot imagine how I would cope with anything like that, and my thoughts and prayers were with you all on Sunday.

  2. Beautiful GTO! A vacation does sound so nice.

  3. Thanks Dani, and by the way, I just love the top picture on your blog. Where was that picture taken?

  4. Frann, the 60's were a 1,000 years ago till you sit in a GTO, and then it was yesterday.

  5. I am glad your daughters will get to spend some time with you.

    BTW that is a beautiful GTO.