Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Denny's Recovering From Dog Bite

My grandson Denny is recovering from a dog bite. This is the second time that he has been bitten by that dog. He may have been agitating the dog, but the dog is pretty aggressive anyway.  Becky took him to the ER and he has 4 stitches.  The dog now has to be euthanized (Colorado state law).  I was pretty upset when Becky called and told me about it.  Then she Text me a picture, and that made me feel better, because she told me that it was close to his eye.  The dog belongs to Denny’s grandmother (my ex).  I’m sorry that this has happened, but I also feel that, like people, if they are a threat to the safety and security of others, something must be done.  If you cannot train them to conform, then there is no choice.   


  1. Poor little guy - hope he's young enough not to have a residue fear of dogs now...?

    Agitating or not - no dog should attack a human, and if the dog couldn't learn that, then it's better he's put down.

  2. I am happy he is OK. I like the Colorado law as some people would have put a child right back with the dog.