Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tammy's Comming to Charlotte

My oldest daughter Tammy called on Monday evening. She, Milana, and her husband Mont is going to come and visit for a few days on September 15th, or 16th. After my last blog post, that could prove to be interesting. We will rent a place on the beach and go to the coast.  Milana has never been to the beach or coast.  That will be the weekend after we return from Mexico. We have a week booked in Puerto Vallarta with Brahm and Dagmar for Sept 3 to the 10th.  Tammy is a Physician's Assistant (PA) and has a limited window that she can get away from her office.  She wants the weather to be warm so they can get some beach time.

Yesterday afternoon Alex called me to ask if we had an additional cartridge for our carbonator. We like to drink seltzer water and have a carbonatorto do our own.  However; the cartridge costs $30 plus shipping to refill, so I bought a 20lb bottle of CO2 to do it myself.  I also had to purchase an adaptor to connect the 2. So, when I got home I refilled the cartridge for the first time.  The 20lb tank cost $17.50 to refill and should be able to refill it over 22 times. The cartridge is 14.5 oz.  With a little spillage, I should get maybe 20 refills.  The refill went very well last night, but I didn't have batteries for my scale, so I don't know how much CO2 transferred.  But for $0.87 per refill it won't take long to pay for the adaptor and CO2 bottle.

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  1. Vacations and visits! Sounds so fun...enjoy. Your daughter is pretty!