Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I didn't get finished with the deck railing yet. I don't have a table saw here in NC, its in the barn. I need to rip several 2x4s to get spendles to space under the railing. I also need a brad nailer to angle nail them in. I got to thinking of borrowing them from my friend Kevin Ingram. He is the one that we borrowed the pressure washer from. He is a handy man that makes his living doing these kind of jobs. After thinking it through, it makes more sence to just pay him to finish the deck railing for me. He has not had much work since the economy has been so slow. Why should I borrow the tools from a man who needs the work and put ware on his tools, when I am working and don't have time to do it anyway. He will charge me very little to do it, and can do a good job. Dah! Anyway here is a picture of my back yard, before we built the patio and water feature..

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