Thursday, May 6, 2010


From the picture on 4/29/10 you can see the barn as it is today. I have a 1969 Airstream trailor that I have stayed in while working. I have Power in the building and a hookup to the trailor. Back when we first looked at the land to buy, the thought of water was a concern. The cost of land is directly associated with the grid, and availability of water. I had a well drilled and got water at 240 ft. I currently have a pump in the well and a yard hydrant that is frost protected to 5 ft. I will add some pictures that I took when I was there that show the land from the barn looking North, West, and then Southwest. The last picture is the trailor. I have to work late today, and I will look forward to reading other blogs when I get home this evening. Welcome HermitJim.

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