Monday, April 8, 2013

Radiant Heated Work Shop.

The last time that I posted I thought that I had some pictures of building my chicken tractor (coop). However; my phone went on the blink and I got a new phone and lost the pictures in the old one.
Sense that time I started to demolish and build a new tool shed. So now I am posting a picture of my chickens and the work on the tool shed. Sense I have a lot of brick pavers that are just stacked in the corner of the yard, I will use them for the floor of the shed. After thinking about what I need to do that, so I left the 4X4s in the ground from the old shed to use to level the ground.
I  bought some granite crushing to place the brick on and decided to go one step farther. I put some foam panels down as insulation from the ground and began shoveling the granite onto the foam insulation.
I will put some tubing in the granite so that I can run hot water through to heat the floor in the cold months. I will build some kind of solar water heater to do that. I haven't thought that far ahead. I am going to stop calling it a shed and start calling it a work shop effective immediately. Stay tuned to see what pops out of this head next. Be safe.

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