Monday, April 15, 2013

10X10 Work Shop (Post #2)

I ran short of the granite screening and had to get another yard. I finished filling the forms with the screenings and dug a channel, and put the tubing down and covered it up with the screenings. The tubing wanted to pull out of the screenings so I had to completely cover it as I went along and could not get any pictures of the tubing lay out. There are 8 rows and extra along the bottom to return the tubing to within 8 inches of of the starting point.  Then I packed it down, leveled  the top even and started laying paving bricks. I got about half done and ran into fire ants where I had the paving bricks stacked. As I was using the bricks I uncovered 2 snakes and 1 lizard. That was still not enough to consume the ants. I do not like to use pesticides, but I don't like fire ants. I gave in am hoping that my hens stay away from that area. Anyway; I will wait till next weekend and see if I can get the rest of the paving bricks laid. Here are a couple of  pictures of where I'm at with it.
The tubing entrance and exit point
Brick Pavers at a 45

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