Friday, June 3, 2011

No Problems With Barrelponics

My barrelponics have been running trouble free for several weeks now.  I have added a couple of gallons of water to it, and I feed the fish every day (except for a couple of days we were in Charleston, SC). So I think that it proves to be the most effective and waterwise way to grow veggies.  I also think that you could make manure tea with cow, horse or other animal waste.  This tea could be soaked in water and the water pumped directly into a grow bed the same way.  This may not be as water wise as the fish. Perhaps that when the tea was diluted to a point that the it needed to be replaced, it would go to the landscape or regular garden as a soil builder.  Anyway it is something to think about.  I use these large tweesers to pick bugs off the plants. They are fish food suppliments.

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