Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long dry time

It took a lot longer for the papercrete blocks to dry than I thought. This just isn't the WEST! I put about 2 lbs of paper in the first form and doubled the paper in the second one. As it worked out one is about 2" thick and the other one is about 4" thick. The overall outside dimensions didn't change as much as the thickness. I will try adding something more, maybe vermiculite or something. I really don't want to add sand, because of the insulation loss. Insulation is the whole point for me. I like the feel of the blocks, and I will try a couple more. They are very light and firm. When I get several, I will mix some more of the same mix to use as mortar and connect them together, stacked. I'm not sure of the dry time in southern Colorado. I don't want to commit to using something that will delay me too much needlessly.


  1. You would have to do it in the middle of the summer and have rain protection available. You could come make them in Terlingua and truck them back!

  2. If I make them in Terlingua, they will stay in Terlingua. Afterall, in the dry climate of west Texas is where they SHINE!