Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friends on Sunday

Our friends Forest and Erica came by on Sunday and we worked on a project  making a frame to support the barrelponic plants.  We cut and painted some 1" PVC to go over the barrel. I will suspend parachute line from the top, for the tomato vine support. We enjoyed a couple shots of Lunazul Tequila. Erica brought us a set of Tequila glasses and we had a great time with our best friends. Forest painted the support frame, and I supervised. My tomatoes and eggplant are in bloom. I will assist with the pollination, to help assure fruit. Alex was cleaning up some weeds around the yard and started breaking out.  I went out and looked at where she was working and sure enough-Poison Ivy.  I hope she doesn't get it too bad. She is very sensitive to poison ivy.  It has not bothered me at all, yet, so I will finish what she started tomorrow when I get home. I took a picture of it. I am also posting a picture of one of the talopia being a pig.


  1. The barrel looks great..you have a beautiful yard! The Tequila should numb the itch! I am glad I am not bothered by it..I think I am thick skinned.

  2. I agree you have a great looking yard. I've never been bothered with the stuff either. Maybe just lucky enough to have never been in it?