Thursday, March 3, 2011

Water Management and trees

I few years ago, before we moved to North Carolina, Alex and Stephanie worked to plant about 25 trees on our land in Colorado.  We tried to water them and help get them started. We failed, they all died.  The idea was to get trees started before we had to leave for NC, so that they would be well established.  The other day I came across this article on a design for catching condensation from the air to assist in providing for newly planted grapes in Northern California. Each day the dew would form on the lid of the container and drain into the reservoir. The reservoir has a wick on the bottom that would supply the newly planted grape vine with the necessary moisture. I will try to design something that uses a tote box from Wal-Mart, and use the wicking idea.  I remember my grandfather would always plant a tree, and put a bale of hay on the south side of it.  He would pour water on the bale of hay, and it would keep the ground wet for a week or so.  That presents a problem when the cattle in the area eat the hay. To be successful with trees in climates with little rainfall, I have learned from the friends in the desert, it's all about water management.


  1. Cows like hay but not straw, I think straw will work. I have used straw on flower beds in dry West Texas for years then mulch it into the soil for aeration later as our soil needs it. Beautiful picture of your land. Good Luck!

  2. Keen to see the tote box idea - similar to groasis?