Monday, November 8, 2010

Expired Plates

Last week I got a call from Alex. She was in the car with some friends when a policeman pulled her over. He told her that the registration on the car was expired. He took her license and went back to his car. That is when she called me. I had recently got an inspection on my truck and put on a new sticker. My truck expired in September. I didn't think to look at her car, or maybe she wasn't there when the thought passed by. Anyway the pictures tell the rest of the story. She asked me to go to court with her on December 10, 2010. Since it was my responsibility, I will. It cost $25 for the inspection and $28 for the registration, we will see what local financial support I will be making. When I got home I asked Shiloh if she had been told that she was a criminal. I got no laughs from my girls.

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