Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi Louis ,
We have received your 2010 Property Taxes for Terlingua Ranch Tract:XXXX– A & XXXX-B and have paid them for you. Please submit with your next payment $25.61 to cover those taxes, and if you have any questions please give us a call.

Thank you,

Lori Murphy
Classic Country Land
1420 West Exchange Parkway, Suite 120-A
Allen, Tx 75013
Ph:972-649-6200 x101


  1. Lou, consider yourself lucky. Mine was $64.03 and half of that is land that isn't doing me any good at all.

  2. I consider both of us very fortunate to have that low of a tax bill. I just have to sell some other liabilities that are eating me up.

  3. Mine just now came in the mail. $14.94. I bought the land in July; can't tell by looking at the bill if that's for the entire year, or just what I owned it.

  4. Abby, I beleave that is for 1/2 year, if you bought in July. You can expect to pay double for a year, but that will probably go up when you build.