Sunday, July 25, 2010

To drive or fly

I am getting ready to take a 10 day vacation from work. I want to go to Colorado, but don't know whether of not to just drive or to fly. To drive would cost about $100 or so more than to fly. However; to drive with Shiloh might me easier for her. I should make the decision today, due to the fact that tickets will go up if I wait till the last minute. I need to mow the grass around the barn, or just plow it. It can be a fire issue later in the year when it dries out and is right up to the building. Grass fires aren't out of the question. With the steel roof and block construction, I think I'm pretty safe. I do have some wooden doors, that could burn. Anyway it would just be good to be there and look it over. I am looking forward to leaving here and being there permanently next year. So to spend a week or so there is what I look most forward to. These pictures are late in the year when the grass is dry.

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