Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rion Feb 14, 2000 to June 21, 2010

We returned home last Saturday from the convention to find that Rion had been lying in his bed on his blanked all day and had not gotten up. In the past few weeks he has had difficulty with his bladder. He had uren his stomach, where he had been lying. He had not drank any water all day. He was diabetic for about a year, and was not processing his food very well either. He was just bones. He usually had been drinking a bowl of water in the day and one at night. Clearly this was his worst day yet. After he was diagnosed with diabetes, we were giving him shots after his morning meal, Vetsulin. About 3 months ago, the company that makes Vetsulin discontinued making it. We had to switch to a more human type insulin. That is when he started downhill. His organs were slowly failing. He was having good days and bad.
So Sunday evening we had a pizza party, and took him to the vet on Monday morning. It brought both of us to tears. It has been a hard week. Our friends said to get another one ASAP. We just bought another puppy yesterday. We will not get her for about a week. She will be 6 weeks on July 3. At this point, it doesn't mean much. I thank Jehovah for 10 years with Rion.

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  1. Well all the chewing of furniture, electrical cords shoes will help distract you from being sad. Sorry for your loss.