Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backfilled and Graded

With the foundation back filled, it was time to grade the area around the outside of the barn. I just wanted to be able to walk around and get to and from where they had left the pallets of block, with the least amount of work.
During this time period I was working only on the weekends and usually sleeping in the back of the 1985 Ford pick-up that was my dad’s before he died. As I am writing this blog the sequence of things are difficult to remember. My dad, Glenn W Cripps, died of an infection in his pancreas that could have been cleared up, if he would have went to the doctor/hospital sooner. That was the way he was. He talked like it was too much money, but I know that it was that he could not deal with doctors and hospitals. He would not, could not, go to visit the ones who he cared very much for, when they were in the hospital. That includes his dad and brother before they died. I understand. He died in July, 1997. My Mother died in November, 1987.
To be continued

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